Alhambra GranadaAlmond BlossomWindmill, Consuegra, Province of Toledo, Castilla-La-ManchaWindmills, Campo de Criptana, Ciudad Real Province, Castilla-La-ManchaDon Quixote and Sancho PanzaMoorish Castle Ruin, Val de Gallineras, Alicante ProvinceCuenca, Castilla-La-ManchaLas Fallas, DeniaLas Hogueras de San Juan, JaveaLa Plana, JaveaCabo San Antonio, JaveaJaveaOrangesTrack and Montgo, JaveaCeramics, GuadalestCeramics, JaveaAlcazaba, Alhambra, GranadaNasrid Palaces, Court of the Myrtles, Alhambra, GranadaPortichol, JaveaJaveaDirt Road, Western AustraliaKangaroo Roadsign, Cape La Grand, Western AustraliaWave Rock, Western AustraliaSouthern Ocean, Esperance, Western AustraliaTulips, Iris Garden, MarnesPoppy

Torija by Moreno-Torroba played by Samantha Muir

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